Amazon Customer Agreement

Any additional support from us after the end requires the mutual agreement of you and us. 14.2. If you no longer run your AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment at any time, the [myapp] part of the URL used in relation to the environment will no longer be available to you and may be used by another AWS customer. 1.7. If your agreement does not contain any provision regarding AWS confidential information and you and AWS do not have an effective confidentiality agreement, you agree that you will not disclose AWS confidential information (as defined in the AWS customer agreement) unless required by law. The Amazon. IN, AMAZON, THE AMAZON LOGO, AND YOU`RE DONE, 1-CLICK, EARTH`S BIGGEST SELECTION, PURCHASE CIRCLES, LISTMANIA, NEW FOR YOU, AMAZON.COM, AMAZON.DE, AMAZON.FR, AMAZON.IT, AMAZON.CO. JP, AMAZON.CA, AMAZON HONOR SYSTEM, PAYPAGE and any other trademark listed on our website are trademarks or registered trademarks of, Inc. or their subsidiaries (together “Amazon”) in the European Union and/or in other jurisdictions. graphics, logos, page titles, button icons, scripts and service names are trademarks or trade statements from Amazon. Amazon`s trademarks and business transactions should not be used in relation to products or services that are not Amazon, in a way that could create confusion among customers, or in a way that denigrates or discredits Amazon.

All other brands that are not owned by Amazon and that appear on this site are owned by their respective owners who can be connected to Amazon, connected or sponsored. d) Lumberyard Git Repository. We can provide some lumberyard materials on the Lumberyard Git Repository. You can reproduce and distribute to other AWS customers your modified version (s) of this Lumberyard material, subject to all the guidelines we set for the Lumberyard Git repository. Your LM Fork must comply with the agreement (including these conditions); For example, It may not be possible for Lumberyard projects to use alternative web services or read or write data in or from alternate web services. You must indicate that the LM Fork is subject to these conditions (z.B. a copy of the license file.txt of Lumberyard`s root materials directory). If you call an LM Fork in the Lumberyard Git data repository, you need to make sure that every Lumberyard project you create meets these requirements.

If your LM Fork violates the agreement, it violates our copyright in Lumberyard materials, and we can remove them from the Lumberyard Git Depot and take other actions, including terminating your license for Lumberyard hardware.

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