Asmara Peace Agreement

A statement published by the Ministry of Information said Saudi`s Minister of State for Africa in an interview made inaccurate inusions over the role of the Middle East giant in the Asmara agreement. To understand this rather original attitude of the Eritrean government and the lack of reaction from Addis Ababa, we must go back to the conditions under which peace was concluded and to the Ethiopian political dynamics that have developed since the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in April 2018, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2019 for ending a “20-year war” between the two countries. Since the formal end of the fighting in June 2000, which ended with the unprecedented peace agreement, tensions and intermittent skirmishes between the two neighbours have occurred for nearly two decades, due to a status that was not formally at war and has not been at peace for nearly two decades. Un peacekeeping forces have been deployed for an extended period of time to act as a buffer between the two sides, who often suffer from Eritrean interference. However, Ethiopia and Eritrea continued to fight, with the two fighting in the border town of Tsorona only killing hundreds in June 2016. Footnote 11 This description contradicts the origin and facts of the historical agreement. And while acknowledging the goodwill of our international partners, a condescending narrative that demeans Africa and its achievements is not only inappropriate, but also tainted by the image of the kingdom. The second anniversary of the peace agreement took place amid deadly protests that left more than 260 people dead and dozens arrested. The Internet was also interrupted throughout the country and was only restored after more than two weeks. The latest peace agreement will be put to the test in the coming months, says Martin Plaut, senior Research Fellow at the Horn of Africa and Southern Africa, Institute of Commonwealth Studies in the UK.

“For peace efforts to continue, both Ethiopia and Eritrea must undertake internal reforms,” he said. This common hostility towards the TPLF has helped cement an alliance between the Eritrean President and the Ethiopian Prime Minister. The solemn aspects of this announced peace then played an important role in the two countries` communication with the world outside the region, until the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the young Ethiopian Prime Minister.

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