Canada Jordan Free Trade Agreement

(v) Canada`s actions with respect to the use of vessels in Canada`s coastal transportation; and one. The parties recognize that technical cooperation is essential to facilitate compliance with the obligations set out in this agreement and to improve the level of trade facilitation. (b) to remove without delay the impediments to trade in goods between the contracting parties, in particular those related to the application of non-tariff measures and, if necessary, to refer the Commission to the consideration of these issues; This chapter applies to the exchange of goods of a party, unless otherwise stated in this agreement. (b) identify, if necessary, new measures to facilitate trade between the parties and subject them to the review of the Free Trade Committee, taking into account the objectives and principles set out in Article 6-1, including: neither party can encourage trade or investment by weakening or reducing the level of protection provided by their environmental legislation. Therefore, none of the contracting parties can waive or depart from their environmental legislation in a manner that weakens or reduces the protection afforded by these laws in order to promote trade or investment. After its full implementation, the CPTPP will form a trading bloc representing 495 million consumers, and 99% of tariff lines will be tariff-free between the parties. Canada`s main exports to CPTP member states include natural resources and agricultural products. 3. The party acting under this section stops the commercial compensation agreed by the other contracting party, in the form of concessions with substantially equivalent commercial effects or equivalent to the value of the additional rights resulting from the measure. 4.

In an emergency, including those that quickly lose their commercial value, such as perishable goods. B, consultations begin within a fortnight of the other party receiving the request. 2. In this context, the Committee on the Environment is looking at the following issues: application and respect; Corporate social responsibility Trade and the environment Environmental technologies that address, among other things, water management and renewable energy. Recognizing the substantial benefits of international trade and international investment, the parties should promote voluntary good practices in the social responsibility of companies located in their territory or in their legal order, in order to strengthen coherence between economic and environmental objectives.

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