Land Titles Manual Encroachment Agreement

Service Alberta is responsible for registering land rights in Alberta. The Land Titles Act authorizes the Landestitelamt to cancel and establish certificates of ownership immediately after the registration of certain types of legal documents, such as communications and transfers, as well as certain types of plans, such as subdivision and co-ownership plans. This manual is updated regularly. You can search for updates in: This manual is intended to be used by Land Title employees to address document audit procedures. Office Address: Alberta Building Service 710 4 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 0K3 Office Address: John E. Brownlee Building 10365 97 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3W7 If there is information that needs to be corrected, added or deleted, send or email the correction. Address: Land Titles Box 2380 Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2T3 This manual discusses document review procedures in the Titles Office country and focuses on supporting Alberta government employees working in this area. It should not serve as a guide for material law on one of the topics discussed, nor as a substitute for legal research. The Government of Alberta does not accept any guarantees or guarantees as to the accuracy of the documents outlined in the manual. If there is a discrepancy between what is set out in the manual and what is set out in a decree, priority will be given to the order. You are not allowed to access this document. Regarding the calculation of taxes for the registration of some of the most common documents: Important note: Different registration guidelines and procedural updates (PDF, 65 KB) will come into effect on Monday, January 4, 2021.

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