Linux Agreement

5.2 Disposal. The Linux Foundation may transfer its rights under this sub-licence to a subsidiary, subsidiary or parent company of the Linux Foundation. The holder of the sublicensing may transfer or transfer this sub-license (or by agreement or application of the law) without the prior written consent of the Linux Foundation, which may be granted or refused at its sole discretion. This sub-licence is in any event binding for the beneficiaries and beneficiaries of the transfer of the parties. Users are solely responsible for all documents, whether publicly posted or privately transferred, who download, publish, send, email, transfer or make other information (“User Content”) available. Neither the Linux Foundation nor any of its members are responsible for complaints arising from the user`s content. You guarantee that you have all the rights necessary to provide the user`s content in accordance with these Terms and all applicable laws or regulations. Some Linux Foundation working groups or other projects hosted by the Linux Foundation may have license terms or contributing agreements specific to the working group or project, which require users to sign an agreement (for example. B a Contributor Agreement) that assigns rights and/or licensing rights in bids to this working group or project. In all of these cases and in the event of a conflict, these conditions of licence or agreements prevail over these terms of use. With regard to user content that is not subject to other working groups or project-specific conditions, you agree that the following non-exclusive, irrevocable and free global licences apply: “Enterprise Licensing Agreement” refers to a licensing agreement (including this agreement) between OIN and another person who has essentially the same terms as this agreement, or a licensing agreement between OIN and an OIN member called an OIN Business Licensing Agreement. 5.6 Full agreement.

The provisions of this sublicensing contain the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the trademark, the sign of sublicensing and the permitted uses. These provisions reject and denounce all previous provisions, negotiations, agreements and commitments relating to the purpose of this sublicensing. This sub-license can only be changed in a letter signed by both parties. Legal Department The Linux Foundation 548 Market St PMB 57274 San Francisco, California 94104-5401 Tel: 4157239709 Email: As used here, “EULA” means an end-user license agreement, and “software programs” means Linux programs as defined here. Details of the agreement you need to send us before you start participating in projects at Canonical. This agreement represents the parties` full understanding of the purpose of this Agreement and replaces any prior or written oral or written communications or conventions on this subject. Licensing agreements are in the directory /usr/share/doc/veeam of the computer on which you installed the product. The process of accepting licensing agreements differs depending on how you work with Veeam Agent for Linux – via the control panel interface or the online command interface.

Your use of the software received by this website is subject to the terms of a license or agreement provided with the Software. Some of these agreements contain the terms of the GPL or other open source licenses. Please read these licenses and agreements before the software is installed and used; By installing and using the software, you have agreed to the terms of the licenses and agreements. 5.3 This Agreement does not infringe any provision contained in other patent licensing agreements between you or your related companies and third parties. You can also accept licensing agreements with dedicated orders.

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