Ford Tentative Agreement 2019 Highlights

UAW`s preliminary agreement with Ford will allow the company to use new technologies to take time and movement studies to a whole new level. Picture: Ford Media Center. Tuesday, G.M. said the strike would cut profits by nearly $3 billion by 2019. At Ford, “language says in agreement that technology is not the only basis for disciplinary action – meaning it is at least partly used to discipline workers,” Houldieson said. The UAW National Ford Council voted Friday to recommend ratification of a preliminary agreement with Ford Motor Co. after three hours of review and discussion. Ford said in a statement that it was “premature to speculate on the impact of the interim agreement, among other things on us. We continue to focus on a fair agreement with the UAW, which will allow the company to be more competitive so that we can continue to maintain and protect well-paying manufacturing jobs and maintain our balance sheet by investing in our U.S. plants.

Todd Dunn, president of UAW`s Local 862, said Thursday afternoon that he went to Detroit to check on the strengths of the contract and expected to be back in Louisville on Friday. More information for members is expected to be released this weekend on the timing of briefings and a possible ratification vote, he said. Although the agreement between GM and united Auto Workers still requires final agreement from union leaders and 46,000 high-level needs, Ford workers are combing through the agreement because it provides fundamental outlines of an agreement they will likely receive from Ford. At the Ford plant in the Chicago Assembly, 64 percent of workers voted against the interim agreement. Todd Dunn, president of UAW Local 862 in Louisville, represents workers at the Kentucky Truck Plant and the Louisville Assembly. He said the health component was “a great relief” because members were concerned that their share of the costs would increase. He said he was focused on breaking through the details of the preliminary agreement. Although the GM agreement has reduced the time it takes future second-class workers to earn advanced wages from eight years to four years, they will still not receive pension or retirement benefits. And while the agreement outlines a multi-year path for temporary workers to secure stable employment, many workers were concerned about the integrated loopholes – and the fact that all temporary workers who escape this status are simply being replaced by others. The GM agreement did not negat the closures of Lordstown Assembly in Ohio, Warren Powertrain in Michigan or Baltimore Powertrain in Maryland.

The Ford contract follows the model of General Motors, where the interim agreement was adopted by a majority of 57%. Workers at Ford Motor Co. in Louisville took a heart this week when they saw highlights of a temporary contract that their colleagues from the General Motors union canceled after a month-long strike. Local UAW politicians voted on Friday to send the agreement to their more than 55,000 members for ratification. Voting will begin on Monday and the vote will take place on 15 November. Like the GM agreement, a $60,000 retirement incentive is available to all production employees and up to 200 skilled workers who retire under the normal and pre-retirement provisions of the agreement. Meanwhile, Randy Lashbrook, president of Romeo Engine Plant, voted “no” to the preliminary agreement. The UAW summary found that the value of the 4% package for the first year is estimated at about $2,700 for production workers and $3,200 for crafts.

The effective date is December 2019. Brian Rothenberg, spokesman for the UAW, responded to this article: “There will be no pilot project without the agreement of the local union that wishes to participate.

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