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Capture the “Back to School” Mentality

Monday, August 24th, 2015

back to schoolWhether you’ve been out of school for three months (congrats, grad!), 30 years or somewhere in between, there’s something about those back-to-school commercials, sales in the department stores and yellow school buses hitting the streets once again that creates an undeniable energy in the air.

While every day is a new chance to begin reaching for new heights, feeding off that back-to-school adrenaline can be a great way to get a running start! Here are three simple ways to apply that back-to-school mentality to your day-to-day.

1. Wipe your slate clean
One of my favorite things about beginning a new school year was the chance to start over; embracing the feeling of “I can be whoever I want to be and accomplish whatever I want to accomplish this year!” If you haven’t felt that feeling since your own school days, allow yourself to get swept up in the excitement and use this month as an opportunity to reignite your passion for your goals. Back-to-school means a “new start.” Forget about the barriers that have held you back from reaching your goals in the past.

2. Reassess your (lesson) plan
My favorite part of a new school year was getting to read through my syllabus for each class and looking ahead to see how much I was slated to accomplish throughout the next year. While I loved the idea of what was to come, I was also overwhelmed at how much work was yet to be done! That’s why teachers use lesson plans; to break the work down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Use this time to do the same with your “plan of attack.” Review your goals and break down the work into smaller, more manageable action items.

3. Expand your horizons
A new school year always brings new opportunities – new skills to master, new clubs to join, new friends to make. Apply this same principle to your day-to-day. Are there new skills you can master that will help make you more successful in your position? Are there networking opportunities that could lead you to new business contacts? Try something new; expand those horizons; never stop learning!

The craziness of summer is dying down. Back-to-school is the perfect time to get back on track with your goals and get re-energized and re-focused. In the words of Brian Herbert, “The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice.” Feed off the back-to-school energy all around and make the choice to keep learning!

PCH is Leading the Way to Orlando for the CHPA National Conference

Monday, January 12th, 2015

CHPA OrlandoEach year in February, hundreds of corporate housing professionals gather together at the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) National Conference to network, discuss hot-button issues effecting our industry, and to learn best practices from industry peers. This year’s conference will be in Orlando, and Preferred Corporate Housing is leading the way!

Michelle Velasquez, PCH’s Director of Client Services, has led the Program Task Force Committee for the past twelve months to conceptualize and arrange all the educational components of this year’s conference. But before the conference officially begins, the 2015 Board of Directors meeting will take place where Samantha Elliott, PCH President, will begin her appointment as the 2015 Executive Board President of CHPA.

Michelle and Samantha have also been asked to lead sessions later in the week. Michelle will share her expertise on supply-chain management, ensuring brand consistency across service locations and industry best practices on quality assurance measures. Samantha will lead one of the conference’s most-popular sessions, the Relocation Industry Panel, where she will act as the facilitator amongst experts from some of the worlds largest relocation management companies.

Preferred Corporate Housing is honored to be participating and leading this event from the country’s only trade organization dedicated to the success and growth of the corporate housing industry, CHPA.

Show the ‘Love’ to your Team – An Excerpt from PCH’s February Newsletter

Monday, February 10th, 2014

praiseWe’ve previously referenced this great article by Ross McCammon titled, “The Power of Praise in Business- and How to Do it Right.” Since February is the month of love, we thought it was fitting to recap some of the main points of as a reminder to ‘show the love’ to your employees as well. You can find a link to the entire article by visiting our Facebook page ( PCH Facebook Page ), but here are our favorite points:

Why praise is important:
A 2010 Harvard Business Review study found that a 0.1 percent increase in employee engagement drove $100,000 in operating income to the bottom line (study was done on Best Buy Stores). Of all the various factors that can contribute to employee engagement, the study also found that simple recognition was the single most important factor.

How to give praise:
The article suggests that you should always balance praise with constructive feedback. “Recall a particular situation and describe a specific behavior.” Use these 3 guidelines:

Do it now – the closer the recognition is to the behavior, the more likely it will be repeated.
Do it often – The more you message what’s important to you, the people will focus on that.
Be Specific & Sincere.

Key Technical Matters:

The following list of praise guidelines is taken word for word from the article and was the source of many ‘LOL’ moments for me, so I’ve included it in its entirety:

Praise should not begin with the phrase “You da….”
Ending an expression of praise with “…and stuff” nullifies the praise
Ending an expression of praise with “…now get back to work” also nullifies the praise
In ascending order of forcefulness: e-mail, face-to-face conversation, handwritten note, bear hug
No bear hugs!!
A handwritten note is worth more than a $100 gift card
But probably not more than a $200 gift card
Go easy on the superlatives: “hardest-working,” “most glorious,” “awesomest,” “best-smelling,” etc
Praise followed by criticism is not praise
Praise followed by praise is probably a little too much praise
Praise followed by criticism followed by praise is a sandwich

To read the entire article, visit: