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PCH Team Learns New Ways to Provide ‘Celebrity Service’

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Training PhotoLast week the entire PCH Team came together for a day of celebration, commradery and continued reenforcement of the ‘Celebrity Service’ techniques offered to its Global client network. In a pep-rally styled training session, the Founder of the ‘Celebrity Service’ model, Geoff Ramm, led PCH Team Members through 2-minute brainstorming sessions, creative service drills and anecdotal examples of exceptional service.

“Continued reinforcement and training around our service skills doesn’t just offer more value for our clients, it also allows our team to have greater insight into the value they bring to our organization,” said Samantha Elliott, President of PCH. “A company that invests in training shows their employees that they care about continual development and progress. In turn this makes employees more engaged in the company and therefore more motivated,” said Elliott.

“This was one of the best service training sessions I have ever been a part of,” said Courtney Mach, Account Manager with PCH. “He didn’t just tell us what to do, he showed us how to think differently and how to apply the ‘celebrity service’ model to all aspects of our day-to-day,” said Mach.

“The message I took away from the day was to be sure to apply the ‘celebrity service’ model to interactions with my co-workers as well, not just my clients,” said Krystal Martinez, Client Services Manager with PCH. “It is really important that members of my team know how much I value them too!”