Things You Say in Work Emails….And What They Really Mean!

Email mistakeIn the corporate housing business, we send thousands of emails a day. Last week, one of our team members came across a post on her Facebook feed that provided new insight about business emails and how to decipher the true meaning behind what gets typed back and forth. We loved it so much that we wanted to share it!

Here are 13 things you say in work emails, and what they really mean:

1. “I’m wondering if I could pick your brain about something…” Translation: “Help me please!! I am dying over here!”

2. “Looking forward to your thoughts!” Translation: “Respond to me ASAP, I’m under a deadline!”

3. “Just wanted to follow up..” Translation: “Why the heck haven’t you responded yet?!”

4. “Let’s circle back on this.” Translation: “I can’t deal with you right now.”

5. “Great! (with 1 exclamation point). Translation: “Sure, whatever.”

6. “Great!! (with 2 exclamation points). Translation: “I agree, and I want you to like me.”

7. “Great!!!!!! (with 3+ exclamation points). Translation: Either I am desperately wanting you to like me, or I have just had my fourth cup of coffee.”

8. “Great.” (with no exclamation points). Translation: “I hate you.”

9. “Best” Translation: “We don’t know each other and probably never will.”

10. The one-initial sign-off, “-M” Translation: “I am the coolest person you know.”

11. “Regards” Translation: “I am over 40.”

12. “I know you’re busy…” Translation: “You never respond to me so I’m going to make you feel bad about it.”

13. “I’ll let you know if anything comes up.” Translation: “I already forgot what you were asking me.”

You can find the complete (unedited) list at

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