Trading Platform Agreement

3.5. In the trading of OTC FOREX/METALS/CFDs with the company, FXCL Markets Ltd. acts as a broker under a private contract with the client. The company can in turn enter into back-to-back transactions with other merchants, traders, etc. including its related companies. Prices that the company notes to the customer include a price range. The entity does not conduct OTC FOREX/METALS/CFD transactions on a stock market and transactions are not authorized by a central clearing organization. Therefore, any transaction with the company is exclusively a private obligation of the company and not an obligation of a clearing house. 20.5. If the customer is doing any form of abusive trade, including strategies to use price errors, unqualified trades (unless otherwise stated in trading conditions), grid/martingale strategies, grid/martingale strategies, carry trade strategies or other strategies and/or expert consultants prohibited by the company`s trading conditions, the entity is authorized to take one or more of the following countermeasures: 25.3. Any business errors on behalf of the customer must be reported within 24 hours. 23.6. At the company`s request and to settle cumulative foreign exchange positions, all accounts are compensated at regular intervals.

Advance notice in this regard is sent through the mailbox of the trading system. As a result, any foreign currency position held at the end of a given business day will be closed and reopened the next business day. There is no fee for compensation. 29.4. The client agrees that all relevant customer information for the execution of transactions should be passed on to the relevant broker if it is entered into the business by an introductory broker or trading agent and/or sends a request to place it among an introductory broker or trading agent. The information disclosed includes, among other things, the customer`s full name, UID, country, email address, registration date, live account information, including account number, account type and date of opening, trade history, including account balance, business number, trading order details, deposit/withdrawal/internal transfer details. 4.3. The Company and its associated companies may, from time to time, exercise or sell in the market important positions or otherwise that are comparable or economically related to the OTC FOREX/METALS/CFDs transactions with the client. The Company and its related companies may also conduct their own trading activities, including hedging operations related to the launch or termination of a foreign currency transaction with the client, which may have a negative impact on the market price or other factors underlying the foreign exchange transaction with the client and hence the value of that transaction. 23.2.

When the customer clicks on a trade, he makes a request based on the market price. If the asking price is a negotiated market price, the trading system will confirm it. Otherwise, if the price changes, the system sends an automated re-induction rate with the fair market price. The customer then has the choice of confirming or refusing it. The electronic trading platforms you use for your fund are like the utilities in your home. Your home needs electricity to run your devices and your fund needs electronic trading platforms (ETPs) to execute and settle your trades.

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