Which Sentence Has A Subject-Verb Agreement Error Tia And Jackie

After identifying the suspended modifier, rewrite the sentence. If there were no pronouns, all types of writing would be quite laborious to read. We would soon be frustrated by reading sentences, as Bob said, that Bob was tired or that Christina told the class that Christina received an A. Pronouns help a writer avoid permanent repetitions. Knowing how pronouns work is an important aspect of clear and concise writing. Communications written in precise and complete sentences are not only more professional, but also easier to understand. Before you click the “Send” button, read your email carefully to make sure the sentences are complete, are not run together and are properly interrupted. Write your own ten-movement quiz for your classmates with the concepts discussed in this section. Try to include two questions from each subsection in your quiz. Swap papers and see if you can get a perfect score. In the false sentence, the brother`s name seems to be the shadow. This is because the modifier is too far from the word that it changes, which is kitten.

In the first sentence, the subject is a place: the computer lab. In the second sentence, the pronoun replaces the computer lab as the subject. A suspended modifier is a word, phrase or clause that describes something that has been left out of the sentence. If there is nothing that can change the word, expression or clause, it says that the modifier is suspended. The phrases you have encountered so far have been independent clauses. If you take a closer look at your previous writing tasks, you may find that some of your sentences are not complete. A sentence missing from a subject or verb is called a fragment. A fragment may contain a description or express part of an idea, but it does not express a complete thought. The fourth sentence presents an error of subject-verb agreement. The verb is singular (“Decide”), while the subject is plural (“you”). Six basic templates can improve your writing. An example is given for each pattern.

When reading, write down each sentence where each part of the sentence falls. Note that some models use action verbs and other links. Which sentence sounds best? The first, of course. So the trick is that if you can use it, you should use that. How can we find something? Either they find it or you won`t find it. The revised sentence is much clearer. A consistent verb voltage means that the same verb voltage is used in a set or paragraph. When writing and editing, it is important to use the same verb consistently and avoid switching from one voltage to another, unless there is a good reason for the tense movement. In the field below, see if you notice the difference between a game with constant tension and a set with inconsistent tension.

You will often read a sentence that contains more than one nobiss or pronoun. You may encounter a group of words containing a preposition with a nostunou or pronoun. Prepositions associate a name, pronoun or verb with another word that describes or alters that name, pronoun or verb. Common prepositions are in, on, under, near, by, with and overall. A group of words beginning with a preposition is called a preposition sentence. A preposition sentence begins with a preposition and changes or describes a word. It cannot be judged. The following circled sentences are examples of preposition sentences.

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