City Of London Planning Performance Agreement

These are voluntary agreements between applicants and local planning authorities that help: paying a fee for a ECA ensures that your application will be processed according to an agreed schedule with meetings in order to overcome the problems that arise during the application procedure. However, it does not guarantee the granting of a building permit. If the planning proposal is contrary to the directives adopted by the Council, the London Plan or the national guidelines, it shall be recommended for rejection. This advanced service helps developers ensure that their developments are in line with the London plan and design a London plan at an early stage of the planning process, speeding up the process for both applicants and the local planning authority. It may sometimes be necessary to order qualified specialists to verify that the information submitted concerning viability, technology, legal issues, wind, light, sustainability, environmental impact assessment or other areas recognised as independent, both by the local planning authority and by the applicant, is recognised as independent expert advice. The applicant is responsible for the payment of all reasonable costs incurred by the Commission. These costs are subject to prior agreement and/or a reasonable ceiling for third party fees. PDOs are particularly useful for larger, more complex projects that can identify and address key planning issues (e.g.B. layout, scale, mixing, design, highway affairs, and residential facilities) prior to submitting a construction application. However, applications of all kinds and complexity can benefit from a AAA, including compliance with conditions.

The Mayor`s planning team offers developers a pre-planning app service to speed up the planning process. The central government encourages the use of Planning Performance Agreements (PAPs) for large or complex planning proposals. For complex projects (of all development sizes) including a series of pre-application meetings, our preferred option is to sign a AAA that will offer a dedicated project planning manager and the opportunity to discuss the project through a series of design workshops to inform the progress of the proposal. These meetings provide GLA Planning Manager`s chief overview of key strategic planning issues and principles that should address a referenced planning request. These meetings should not be considered as an alternative to the consultative meetings (level 2) prior to the submission of the application, during which detailed glacial and TfL delegates are proposed on all issues. A Planning Performance Agreement (ECA) is a voluntary agreement between the local planning authority and a potential candidate to provide a project management framework for the processing of a development proposal, from the pre-application phase to the decision. We cannot guarantee the outcome of a construction application, but by signing an ECA, you ensure that you have the best chance of achieving a positive conclusion and that you are getting a higher level of officer and community participation in your program. If you have any questions about the pre-planning service, please contact the pre-application team by email at [email protected] or request a reminder These detailed written tips based on plans sent with a letter and other supporting information, to confirm if the evolution is in line with the corresponding planning policies and what changes may be necessary, to achieve compliance. The fee for this service is £10,000 + VAT (£12,000 VAT included) for a first meeting and £2,000 + VAT (£2,400 included). . .


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