Thrifty Agreement

Rental period: the period indicated in the rental details document, which can only be extended with our consent in accordance with clauses 3.4-3.6 or at the early end in accordance with clauses 3.3 (early return), 5.26 (non-payment), 15.1 (termination of rent) and 19.6. 16.1 Our Privacy Policy (under sets out how and for what purpose we collect, use, store and disclose personal data. Below is a general overview of the loss and damage coverage available to the driver of a Thrifty vehicle. It is subject to exclusions and restrictions – for full conditions; Please respect Thrifty`s terms and conditions of sale on the site in I agree to rent the car and I agree to respect the conditions below and on the rental declaration, together the “lease”. I don`t buy the car and no one but you can sell or give up the car. I will not repair the car without your permission. The car is in good general condition, with no obvious flaws. They make no warranties, express or implied, as to the fitness or fitness of the car for any purpose. Under no circumstances can you accuse me or an authorized tenant of business or means related to a breach of the rental agreement. .

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