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Preferred Corporate Housing is available to service your nationwide corporate housing requests. The contact information for Preferred Corporate Housing is listed below. We are a leader of nationwide temporary lodging services in all 50 states. Call us during normal busines hours at 800-960-0102. We are Central Standard Time. After hours, use our 24 hour Housing Manager to login and obtain answers your general questions. Email the following departments with your questions or concerns.

For a specifc topic, please follow the instructions below.


Reservations: Visit our main page and choose your destination state to submit a request for nationwide furnished apartments.You will receive a tracking number where you can log in to our tracking page to check the status of your request 24 hours a day /7 days a week.


To report website problems or to give us feedback about our website, please email our webmaster. To report a service problem


DURING your stay with PCH: Please send your maintenace request to our customer service department


For career opportunities at PCH: Please visit us at


Apartment Owners & Management Companies: Please see our Apartment Affiliate Network web page and submit your property.


Media inquires:Media inquiries may call 713-722-0102 and ask to speak with Michelle Velasquez


Real Estate Agents and Apartment Locators: For our referral program, please our Referral Program


Preferred Corporate Housing understands the value of maintaining strong communication channels with all its stakeholders, including partners, suppliers, clientele, referral agents, and guests. The company prides itself on fostering relationships built on trust and transparency, which is achieved through timely and effective communication. By staying actively engaged with partners and suppliers, Preferred Corporate Housing ensures that the services and amenities it offers are of the highest quality. This active communication is key in swiftly addressing any issues and adapting to changing needs or market conditions.


Furthermore, Preferred Corporate Housing places immense importance on client satisfaction. By maintaining open lines of communication with clients and guests, the company is able to promptly address any queries or concerns. This also extends to referral agents, who are vital conduits in connecting clients with the services offered by Preferred Corporate Housing. Client feedback is regarded as an invaluable resource for continuous improvement, and by encouraging and attentively listening to it, Preferred Corporate Housing demonstrates its commitment to customer-centric service. This culture of communication is a cornerstone in the company’s approach to providing exceptional corporate housing solutions, ensuring that all stakeholders feel valued, engaged, and confident in the high standard of service provided by Preferred Corporate Housing.