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Corporate Housing Industry Solutions

At Preferred Corporate Housing, we specialize in crafting industry-specific housing programs tailored to our clients' unique needs. With extensive experience across sectors like healthcare, energy, and technology, we understand the specific demands of each industry. By collaborating closely with clients, we curate solutions that ensure a productive stay, offering amenities and services tailored to their requirements, all backed by our extensive network of property partners. Our client-centric approach empowers businesses to provide comfortable, convenient, and productive living environments for their employees

With their extensive experience in corporate housing, Preferred Corporate Housing understands the nuances and demands of various sectors, including healthcare, energy, technology, entertainment, and more. They have a deep understanding of the specific needs and preferences of professionals in these industries.

Preferred Corporate Housing can curate housing solutions that align with the requirements of each industry. They take into consideration factors such as proximity to work sites, access to essential amenities, transportation options, and other relevant considerations to ensure a seamless and productive stay for employees.

Preferred Corporate Housing's industry-specific programs go beyond providing comfortable accommodations. They also incorporate additional services and amenities tailored to the unique needs of each sector. This may include features like on-site fitness centers, flexible lease terms, pet-friendly options, enhanced security measures, and more, all designed to support the specific demands of the industry.

Moreover, Preferred Corporate Housing's industry-specific corporate housing programs are backed by their extensive network of property partners and providers. They have established relationships with property owners who understand the needs of various industries, ensuring that the accommodations offered are tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

Ultimately, by offering industry-specific corporate housing programs, Preferred Corporate Housing demonstrates their commitment to understanding and serving the distinct needs of clients in different sectors. Through their customized solutions, they empower businesses to provide their employees with comfortable, convenient, and productive living environments that contribute to their overall success.

Preferred Corporate Housing can custom tailor a specific housing solution for your industry segment or for your particular company's needs. For over a decade, Preferred Corporate Housing has perfected our client-centric model by providing our clientele furnished apartments in the locations and properties they desire, as opposed to steering you to a vacant apartment.

Relocation Industry

Preferred Corporate Housing's management has been certified by the WERC - Employee Relocation Council as CRP - Certified Relocation Professionals. We provide housing options and solutions to the relocation industry and allow tranferees to stay in the part of town they desire when relocating to a new city. ( Learn more )

Travel Industry

Preferred Corporate Housing is a proud member of the NBTA - National Business Travelers Association and have been active in local committee appointments to assist the travel industry and travel managers with guidance related to corporate housing. We have been integral in establishing industry best practices for corporate housing in the travel industry. Let us show you how. ( Learn more )

Entertainment Industry

Preferred Corporate Housing has provided custom housing solutions to media / film / production companies which saved thousands of dollars and provided the performers with more comfortable accommodations while onsite. Let us trim some fat off your travel budget. ( Learn more )

Military and Government Sector

Preferred Corporate Housing has a long track record assisting our military and government personnel with temporary lodging. We are one of the few approved government contractors under the Army Success for Lodging Program and have established an incredible past performance of military off-base lodging solutions. ( Learn more )

Disaster Housing Solutions

Preferred Corporate Housing provides family housing in the event you are displaced. By allowing you to live in the area and working with your adjuster, you are not alone when a disater strikes. We provide temporary housing in over 75,000 cities nationwide. We have a solution where you want to be. ( Learn more )

Insurance Adjusters

Preferred Corporate Housing has focused on reducing ALE expenses while providing excellent service to the insurance adjuster. We pride ourselves in finding the best possible housing solution for the insurance adjuster or his/her client in an affected disaster area by relying on the tens of thousands of apartment communities in our system and our ability to provide housing where you want it. ( Learn more )

Medical / Nurse Staffing Industry

Because Preferred Corporate Housing is not a " local market " housing provider, we have been able to create custom housing solutions for medical staffing companies and nurse staffing companies. We have been successful in assisting staffing companies reduce housing costs while providing very comfortable nationwide furnished apartments for temporary stays in the locations requested. ( Learn more )

Corporate Housing Industry

Preferred Corporate Housing has long been established as a leader in the corporate housing industry. We assist other corporate housing companies with housing options outside their local market area. Preferred Corporate Housing's management was one of the industry's first recipients of the CCHP - Certified Corporate Housing Professional accreditation.


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